Stump Removal Service

We pride ourselves in a safe and friendly stump removal service. Our stump removal machine runs at high speed as the cutting teeth move from side to side. This is quite a sight and must be observed from a place of safety! The tree stump is therefore ground down to nothing more than wood chips, which can be used as mulch around the garden if desired.

Our primary stump grinder, is a Rayco RG 1635 Super Jr. It is a beast of a machine! However, on some occasions when we can’t get access to your tree stumps because of narrow entrances we can use our 29" machine that will easily fit through a standard domestic door width.

We remove stumps up to a depth of over 11", so there really is no evidence of a tree ever being there.

Why should I remove old tree stumps?
Besides being unsightly and sometimes dangerous, just because you've had the tree chopped down, it doesn't mean it is dead. Often shoots grow from the stump as the tree attempts to re-grow. Some tree stumps become infested with Honey Fungus. This is the common name given to several different fungi that attack and kill the roots of many woody and perennial plants. You don't want that!

Go Stump - No Stump Stump Removal

How long does it take?
This all depends on the situation and size of the stump.

Our Rayco grinder is capable of removing a 20" stump in just under an hour. We recommend asking us to carry out a site visit to confirm exactly how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Why not contact us now to discuss your stump removal needs?

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